Monday, January 11, 2010

I have been a complete slacker lately as far as the blog goes.  What can I say, sometimes I am lazy.  I figured I better post pictures and details of our holiday activities before it is April.  Jared had time off from school so we really enjoyed ourselves for several weeks.  Aunt Julie came to visit for the Christmas break so that was the icing on the cake.  We did Christmas Eve at our house and Travis and Rachel came over and we ate tons of food and treats.  We had Christmas dinner at their house and we ate tons of food.  For New Years we went and stayed two nights at Travis and Rachel's and we ate tons of food.  Are you starting to see a pattern here.  Rachel is an amazing cook and I always feel like we are so pampered when we stay at their house.

Jared and I celebrated our ten year anniversary on December 29th.  I am glad to say that after 10 years I still have a crush on Jared.  A big thanks to Julie for watching the kids.

 Aunt Julie holds Addie.

Brighton and Audrey play trains.

Rachel and I referee as Addison checks out Phoenix.

Brighton started Sunbeams

Pictures with the whole family in them!

One of the many nice things about having Aunt Julie here was that she was able to get some pictures with all of us in them, which never happens since one of us is usually taking the pictures.

Some kids have a security blanket...

some kids have a doll, some have a stuffed animal,
Addison has a brush!
She has been constantly trying to sneak into the bathroom to steal my brush so we finally broke down and bought her a new one of her own.  Jared let her pick it out and this pink number is what she chose.  She and the brush are inseparable.  She even had to sleep with it one night(that was not a good idea by the way).