Monday, November 21, 2011

Strasburg Rail Road

 We've been super busy this fall with house projects and such, but we did manage to squeeze in a few fun activities including an evening ride on the railroad through the Amish countryside. 

I am really crazy about this little guy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get ready for it....

...massive photo dump of our summer part one.
 4th of July festivities.

 A naked Addie with Aunt Rachel get ready to light fireworks. Apparently getting a rainbow(his choice) painted on your face is serious business.      
 Addie's reaction to the fireworks.  And yes, she gets so excited at one point that she kicks a chair over.
 This picture pretty much sums up Addie's reaction to the fireworks.  I just crack up every time I look at this picture.  To say she was a little excited is an understatement.
 Berry picking at a cottage not far from our house.

 Aunt Julie came to visit this summer and we did a few things like this Amish buggy ride.

  We got Brighton a tag-along-bike so we were able to do family bike rides this summer.  On this particular trip we road 16 miles on our local rails-to -trails.  We took a picnic lunch and it was a lot of fun.  Brighton was a champ and rode the entire way.  In his words: "I'm not a bike rider, I'm a bike racer!"

Fall is upon us...

 we decided  to get out and take in the fall colors.  Sorry about all the pictures of my kids, I just love every picture of them so I have a hard time editing them down.