Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter recap all in one post. I know...lame.

Apparently I am hilarious...or at least Rachel thinks so. 
 Travis and Rachel invited us down to N.C. for Thanksgiving this year and the  food was great as usual.  We are always looking for some excuse to get together, and the kids love being with their cousins. 
 Bright and Audrey play wii.
 My adorable nephew and niece.

 We got to go play at our favorite park while we were there and yes, Jared  is wearing shorts.  The weather was so nice.
 Christmas came early this year and a cute little package arrived at my doorstep at the beginning of sister!   It was so much fun to have her visit even if it was only for five days.  My brother Travis and his family and Heather's boyfriend John came a few days after Heather got here.  We played games and ate way too much food. Which is why I am now having to go to spin class six days a week.
The cousins watch a movie together on the ottoman.
 Christmas came and went.
 The lights a the D.C. Temple were beautiful.

 It has snowed a total of two times this winter and one of them was in October.  We were excited when it snowed for the second time a week ago.

I pretty much can't get enough of her lately...

It seems like literally overnight she went from being a mischievous tomboy to being a sweet feminine little thing.  She is my little sidekick now and I'm loving every second.  She talks my ear off all day long(hmmm...I wonder where she gets that from).