Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Aboard!

Brighton is obsessed with trains. Seriously obsessed. So Brighton was in heaven when we took him to the train museum the day before his birthday. We even got to go on a train ride!
The best part of the train ride was when Brighton start saying loudly "Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me." Then he said, "Look, Jesus rides the train." I looked where he was pointing and sure enough, there he was. Brighton seemed a little disappointed that "Jesus" didn't pay any attention to him. It was actually very sweet that Brighton was so excited to see Jesus. We spent the rest of our visit to the museum trying to get a good picture of him. And the poor man pictured below spent the rest of his visit to the museum trying to avoid us.

This is what three years old looks like

This was the first year Brighton understood that it was his birthday and boy did he feel special.
Travis, Rachel, and Audrey joined us for our "Madagascar"
themed party complete with a Marty the zebra cake and Alex the lion cake and monkeys swinging from vines.

Brighton pretty much lost interest in everything else when he opened his new train.

Monday, March 2, 2009

pickin'up the ladies.

We went out for dinner tonight. Toward the end of our meal Brighton said: "oh, look two pretty girls" Jared and I looked at each other a little shocked and confused. We started looking around the restaurant for who he could be talking about. We saw two older women, maybe I thought. Then Brighton said pointing, "the two pretty girls ober dere (translation: over there). The girl in red dress." Sure enough there were two little girls sitting a few tables away. One of them was wearing a red dress. Jared asked him if he wanted to say hi in a joking voice. Brighton quickly got down from his seat and ran over to the two girls and appearently turned on the charm because he had them both smiling and laughing. Jared had to go get him. Meanwhile I almost wet myself from laughing so hard. Once he was back at our table I asked Brighton what he said to the girls, he said in a cool voice, "Oh, I just said hi". He's two! Where do they learn this stuff? Luckily Jared had his camera phone and was able to capture the true essence of the moment. I couldn't help but notice a look of pride on Jared's face.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tallulah decided to try her hand (or tongue) at hair styling

Tallulah is now booking appointments to style hair. She doesn't cut hair (since she does not have apposable thumbs), but she can style your hair for you as long as you choose a slicked style. Here is a sample of her work.
Tallulah works quite quickly too. One moment Addison had perfectly fuzzy baby hair. I looked away for a second and when I looked at her again she had a stylish slick spot down the middle. Tallulah was standing next to her looking quite satisfied with her work.