Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Family Tree

 I took Brighton to the kids play area at my gym last Monday while I worked out, because he didn't have school.  When I picked him up he presented me with this.  I love how he wrote my family tree at the bottom and there are four stick figures in the tree.  He really is sweet.  His writing is getting really good too.  
On the other side he drew a picture of our family  including the dogs.

The Karate Kid

 Signed this kid up for karate this week.  He is if you couldn't tell.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zoe's 8th

The Birthday Girl.
 We felt like turning 8 was a pretty big accomplishment for Zoe, so we threw her a little party on her birthday (March 8th) this year.  Addie and I made her a birthday hat.  We made her pork tenderloin and asparagus for dinner.  We wrapped her presents in pretty paper.   The kids loved it.  And I must say, you could tell Zoe felt special.  It was so obvious, and so sweet.  We really love this dog if you can't tell.

 This was the yummiest cake ever.  I added lemon zest and juice to my favorite hot milk sponge cake recipe.  And I tinted some whipped cream pink instead of frosting. 
 No candles because if Zoe tried to blow them out that would be, well, slobbery.
In other birthday news, Brighton's is tomorrow!