Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zoe's 8th

The Birthday Girl.
 We felt like turning 8 was a pretty big accomplishment for Zoe, so we threw her a little party on her birthday (March 8th) this year.  Addie and I made her a birthday hat.  We made her pork tenderloin and asparagus for dinner.  We wrapped her presents in pretty paper.   The kids loved it.  And I must say, you could tell Zoe felt special.  It was so obvious, and so sweet.  We really love this dog if you can't tell.

 This was the yummiest cake ever.  I added lemon zest and juice to my favorite hot milk sponge cake recipe.  And I tinted some whipped cream pink instead of frosting. 
 No candles because if Zoe tried to blow them out that would be, well, slobbery.
In other birthday news, Brighton's is tomorrow!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! Adorable pictures of an adorable dog. I hope our Sadie (who is just turned 1 in Dec. and is a lab mix-of some other extremely naughty breed of dog...) makes it to her 8th. I love her but she drives me slightly batty (our pure black lab=completely obedient, before Sadie spoiled us...It is hard to go back to a stinker dog after a near perfect one)! We spent a day at the park (after taking her on walk this morning and throwing the ball with her in the back yard until she was so tired she stopped) letting her swim in the pond and AS SOON as we got home she ran off to a house around the block. They have a small dog and Sadie enjoys eating the poop in their yard...See what I mean by a little batty? I need the dog whisperer for this one I swear!!! Maybe she will turn out as good as Zoe!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Zoey!!!! I am glad you guys gave her that party animal (hehe) a celebration she deserves!! Everything looks beautiful!!!

Grampa Ron said...

I remember meeting Zoe for the first time in Chicago. I think she was about 8 months old. Now she's 8 years old? Where does the time go?

Auntie Julie said...

Awww! I miss my sweet Zoe! Give her a big kiss for me. (By the way, I love that you gave her a party! The hat is especially adorable. Ringo would never let us put a hat on him!)