Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend at the beach

This weekend we decided to go to the beach since Jared has been out of town this month and we were desperately needing some family time. The weather could not have been better. Travis, Rachel, and Audrey joined us and we had a great time in the sun. I didn't get any pictures of Rachel, which I am really disappointed about because if you think a nine month pregnant woman can not look good in a bathing suit, you have obviously never seen Rachel pregnant (she is about a week away from her due date and I can hardly wait). Brighton loved getting "nailed" by the waves. It was so funny, Brighton said, "Mom, I got a nail". Addie ate about a hundred fists full of sand I am pretty sure because it is still coming out the other end if you know what I mean. A little grit never hurt anyone, right(I hope)?
Flying the kite.

The nice thing about living in Durham is that it is only a several hour drive to the ocean.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's official

Addison now wears the same size diapers as her three-year-old cousin. Nice. (don't worry Audrey, I know you only wear diapers to bed.)

Weekend recap

Jared and Brighton's bike ride

Our weekend was a blast(literally). Jared has been out of town all of June at a clinical site and he only comes home on the weekends, so we've been trying to cram as much fun in as we can while he's home. Jared and Brighton built a rocket together on Saturday. I don't think I have ever seen Brighton that excited. Brighton insisted that his cousin Audrey be there for the launch so we invited Travis and Rachel over. We found a big field and set it all up. The rocket went so high we couldn't even see it at its highest point. Finally we saw it descending with it's little parachute, but the wind had blown it over to some trees on the other side of a busy road. I honestly thought there was no way that we would find it, but thirty minutes after Jared, Brighton, and Travis went into the trees to search for it they returned successful. It was quite miraculous really. The best part was watching Jared and Travis acting like ten year old boys.

Please excuse Addison's crying in the video. I tried to edit it out but I guess I am just not that talented.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I decided to try giving Addison some bananas for the first time today...she likes them(apparently).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I guess our little family has some pretty interesting sleep patterns. I have taken all of these photos in the last week.
(Jared was able to catch a quick dognap on Sunday afternoon)

(Brighton recently named all of his stuffed bears and now insists that they are all present in order for him to sleep)

(I came home from the store the other night to find this on my couch.)

I wonder what Janae did today?

I know that you have been asking yourself this question all day. So to answer your question: I changed some diapers, watched one very cute little boy play in his sand box and thought about how nice it would be to hold him like a baby and kiss him, tried to kiss one very cute three year old boy...unsuccessfully, worked on some dresses, later tried to hug one very cute three year old boy who became very angry with me by this time, I had to make faces and talk in funny voices in order to win my way back in into one very cute three year old boy's affections. Ok so this post makes me sound a little creepy but I swear I'm not. Why are little boys so unaffectionate? It is torture.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A miracle has occured

Brighton woke up this morning and decided to be potty trained. I am not kidding. He has never had any interest in being potty trained even when I tried to bribe him. I swear I've tried everything and finally I gave up, hoping he would be out of diapers by kindergarten, but this morning when he woke up he asked to use the potty and has been ever since. Let's just hope it lasts.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our DC trip

I am a little slow getting these pictures up, but we had a great trip to Washington DC during Jared's break from school. It was the first visit for both Jared and I. I can't believe we live so close but hadn't gone sooner.
It is just under a four hour drive from Durham. We stayed at a cute little cabin and rode the metro train in.

We asked Brighton what his favorite part of the trip was and he said the train. No surprise there.
We will definitely be going back.