Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend recap

Jared and Brighton's bike ride

Our weekend was a blast(literally). Jared has been out of town all of June at a clinical site and he only comes home on the weekends, so we've been trying to cram as much fun in as we can while he's home. Jared and Brighton built a rocket together on Saturday. I don't think I have ever seen Brighton that excited. Brighton insisted that his cousin Audrey be there for the launch so we invited Travis and Rachel over. We found a big field and set it all up. The rocket went so high we couldn't even see it at its highest point. Finally we saw it descending with it's little parachute, but the wind had blown it over to some trees on the other side of a busy road. I honestly thought there was no way that we would find it, but thirty minutes after Jared, Brighton, and Travis went into the trees to search for it they returned successful. It was quite miraculous really. The best part was watching Jared and Travis acting like ten year old boys.

Please excuse Addison's crying in the video. I tried to edit it out but I guess I am just not that talented.

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