Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I wonder what Janae did today?

I know that you have been asking yourself this question all day. So to answer your question: I changed some diapers, watched one very cute little boy play in his sand box and thought about how nice it would be to hold him like a baby and kiss him, tried to kiss one very cute three year old boy...unsuccessfully, worked on some dresses, later tried to hug one very cute three year old boy who became very angry with me by this time, I had to make faces and talk in funny voices in order to win my way back in into one very cute three year old boy's affections. Ok so this post makes me sound a little creepy but I swear I'm not. Why are little boys so unaffectionate? It is torture.


Carrie said...

Jake is a the exception thankfully! Luckily you have a sweet little girl to cuddle up to!

audrey said...

I hear you!! There is NO WAY Eli would let me near him unless it is a very special occasion. It broke my heart when I took him to Kindergarten for the first day and he refused to hold my hand and absolutely would not even think of letting me give him a hug goodbye. I broke down and cried in the car on my drive home. Those darn boys. If only they knew how much their mothers need a hug every once in a while.

Kathleen said...

I love it ;) I want to see the dresses too ;)