Saturday, June 6, 2009

A miracle has occured

Brighton woke up this morning and decided to be potty trained. I am not kidding. He has never had any interest in being potty trained even when I tried to bribe him. I swear I've tried everything and finally I gave up, hoping he would be out of diapers by kindergarten, but this morning when he woke up he asked to use the potty and has been ever since. Let's just hope it lasts.


jill said...

Whoa. That is amazing. I am completely jealous. It has been and continues to be somewhat of a power struggle with our oldest.


Rachel said...

Who says you need to push kids into learning to use the potty? I am so proud of Brighton!!! Now him and Audrey can show off to each other. :-)

Martha Garvin said...

Congratulations! That is such a big step--and it is such a relief when they WANT to use the potty!

moaspen said...

As frustrating as it can be, they are only ready when THEY are ready. Not you! That is really cool and I bet it'll last. maybe an occasional accident but that's normal. Yay for you guys!