Monday, June 4, 2012

Lake Tobias

We took the kids to Lake Tobias on Saturday.  The weather was perfect and all the animals were out in full force.  I couldn't believe how interactive they let us be with the animals. 
We took the "safari" and the animals would come up to us and we could feed and pet them.

That is called a "hippie" cow on the right and below.  He was real cute.

The kids endlessly tormented those poor birds by chasing them.

Tiniest horse I've ever seen.  It barely can up to Brighton's hip.  Do you see that pile of green stuff around his mouth?  He was choking(true story), like REALLY choking for a long time.  Finally I decided to do something, and just as I was about to bend down to give him the heimlich he coughed all that stuff up.  
Addie pets an alligator.


Laura said...

Wow, that place looks amazing! Its gorgeous! I don't know why, but the picture of the animals walking up the green hill, looks like there should be Noah's Ark sitting on top of the hill! Ha ha! As always, your kids are adorable!

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!! You look gorgeous Janae, I am LOVING your hair!!

Amy and Clark said...

What a fun adventure! The pictures (and subjects) are gorgeous--though I would have loved seeing one of you giving a tiny horse the heimlich. :)

Auntie Julie said...

Horsey Heimlich? Sounds pretty dramatic! (Janae, I agree with Rachel-- you do look gorgeous, as always! And I can't believe how much the kidlets are growing! I miss you all.)