Friday, July 10, 2009


We had a fantastic 4th. The festivities started the night before when we had a picnic at the park with Travis and Rachel. We launched one of our rockets "Big Bertha" and lit off fireworks. The morning of the fourth, we decorated Brighton's tricycle and made our way over to be in our annual neighborhood parade.
As a random side note, the tour de France started on the 4th so I had to chuckle(secretly to myself of course) when Jared showed up wearing a bicycling cap. He's really cute. Oh ya, and what is up with the flag in the picture above.

Brighton's tricycle was decorated with red, white, and blue pipe cleaners and jingle bells dragging behind.

After the parade the firemen turned on the fire hose and all the kids ran through it. It was one of those magical childhood moments. Brighton never misses an opportunity to get soaked.

That evening we went to the Tessem's for a bbq with friends. We finished the evening by watching the Durham fireworks. It was a very satisfying day.
Jared and Clark

Take a close look at Brighton's face. That is the look of pure terror.


Kathleen said...

I had no idea he was terrified, although let's be honest, me giving toddlers sparklers, probably not the smartest thing I've ever done! Looks like you had lots of fun on the fourth and berry picking. Aren't the berries HUGE!

Grampa Ron said...

The bike hat needs to say "Campagnolo," the components champions use!