Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bath time

this is the only video clip that didn't show any of Brighton's "parts".


Amy and Clark said...

I love bath time pictures! Kids are hilarious in the tub.

Grampa Ron said...

I'm glad to see that Addison is a water baby! Can't wait to see her and Brighton in a little over a week! I'm not excited!!!!!

Auntie Julie said...

Wowza! Michael Phelps better watch out!!! (P.S. Jared, your giggle in the background is so adorable, you sound like a little kid yourself!!!)

Deb said...

Hi Janae!
Your little ones are absolutely beautiful... Your mom gave me your blogspot and it has been so fun keeping up with you guys. I gave it to Allie also. It's fun to see the kids love the water so much..enjoy those 2...too cute:)
Love, Aunt Deb