Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I just put Addie down for the night

The next time I see her she will be one. I think I will cry myself to sleep tonight (I am mostly kidding). Also to make things worse, she started walking today. Yes, that's right. I know I have been telling people she probably would not walk for another couple months, but I guess I was wrong. She will only take about five or six steps before she gets scared and sits down. The upside to walking is that at least her clothes will stay cleaner(who am I kidding?) and she won't find every little tiny thing on the floor. Next time you see us, do me a favor and tell me how little my baby is.


Carrie said...

She is sooo little! :)
Don't feel too bad my baby is 8! Time flies...Happy Birthday Addie!!!!! Don't grow up too fast or your mommy really will cry herself to sleep! :) This girl is going to be a heart breaker-all she will have to do is bat those big eyes!

Auntie Nessa said...

Happy Birfday Addie