Monday, September 21, 2009

The weather was irresistible today... we headed out for a picnic in our usual spot at Duke gardens. It is our own little top secret location completely surrounded by trees.
turkey croissant sandwiches and sunchips
Addie pretty much stuffed her face with sunchips the whole time.
After lunch Jared and I laid on the blanket and watched Brighton and Addie scavenge the area for treasures.
Speaking of irresistible...get a load of the cheeks on that one.

Jared has been slacking on his grooming lately and his eyebrows have really gotten out of control
We always have to feed the crazy catfish every time we go to Duke gardens. (I am secretly worried Brighton will fall in and they will devour him.) They especially enjoy corn tortillas. Who would have thought?

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Carrie said...

I hope we have weather like that soon! The rain has been crazy here. Fall is here and I am so happy! Love the pictures!