Friday, July 23, 2010

The last of the pictures from Arizona...I promise.

Bright  fishing with Grandpa and Uncle Jason.
After Visiting Jenessa and Eddy we headed back to my parents house for a few more days before heading out to Pennsylvania for good.  Brighton went fishing with Grandpa and Uncle Jason a few times while we were there and I think it is safe to say he is now a fisherman.   Also any trip to visit my parents would not be complete without going out in the boat with my Dad, so we did that one last time too.
Brighton catches a lunker

Brighton shows us how big his fish was(I told you he was a true fisherman)

 My sister Heather and Bright cool off in the water

Me and my dad

Jason turned old while we were there and to celebrate his birthday we made him a worm cake you know in honor of fishing.

This picture was taken on the day before we left and it pretty much sums up how my parents felt by the time we left.


Kathleen said...

LOVE it! Your kiddos already look so much bigger, hope all is going great in PA!

moaspen said...

Awesome! I love the last picture, we are always snapping shots of Aaron's parents dozing off! I support Arizona!

Rachel said...

Oh! I miss those kiddos! They look too kissable in these pictures...

The State of Human Intelligence said...

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