Monday, May 23, 2011

Brighton's Fifth

I can't believe the boy is five! His birthday was over two months ago, but I am a little slow getting things posted lately. We had a fun but very simple party for Brighton this year. Jared went on Brighton's preschool field trip with him and kept him out of the house until Addie and I were able to get Brighton's surprise
party ready. When Jared and Bright got home, Jared hurried and hid with Addie and I before Brighton could get in the house. Then we jumped out and said, "SURPRISE!" We didn't invite anyone else over this year, but that is kind of what made it perfect.

Brighton's favorite color is "rainbow" so he was super excited when we cut into his cake. I overheard Brighton lecturing Jared about not eating all the cake while he was sleeping.

This is me trying to pretend Brighton is still a baby. And that is Brighton trying not to laugh at me.

Addie was cwanky all week because she was jealous that is was going to be Bright's birthday. Aunt Julie sent Addie some presents so that Addie would have something to open. When Addie opened her sunglasses she was so excited, and she pretty much has worn them every day since. She even tried to sleep in them.

Brighton said the day was "perfect" and "the best day ever" and it really was.


Rachel said...

Aww Brighty!! Awesome pictures! The rainbow cake is pretty much the best idea ever.

Carrie said...

Happy 5th b-day 2 months ago! :) Great cake and decorations. Where does the time go? We are celebrating a decade of Jake this summer...CRAZY!!!