Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Months in Pictures

We built a house last fall and moved in a couple days before Thanksgiving. We love the new house and the kids love having their own rooms and bathroom. We have plenty of extra space and we love visitors so please come visit! (We live 2 hours from Washington DC, 3 hours from NYC, and 30 minutes from Gettysburg.)
Christmas 2010

We ripped out all of the flooring on the main level of the house and installed hardwood flooring at the end of December. It was tons of work and a huge mess for a while, but it looks really great now. I promise to post pictures of it at some point. We still have a bunch of projects going on in the house so our house constantly looks like a construction zone.

Travis and Rachel came for New Year's and this is the only picture I have to show for it.

We haven't had real snow in years since we spent our last 6 in North Carolina, so it was fun to play out in the snow. Love these kids.

Hiking in Pennsylvania.
We've been doing a lot of exploring since we moved to Pennsylvania. One day we decided to drive around and see some covered bridges in the area. Then we toured an old pretzel factory and had the yummiest lunch in Lititz at Tomato Pie. Jared often has days off mid-week so we do a lot of little day trips like that.
Jared and Brighton are twins. Seriously though, Jared dresses like Brighton whenever he gets a chance.

Travis and Rachel came for Easter and we had the best time. We really hated to see them go. We are so glad we still have family within driving distance. I wish I had taken more pictures. You can check out a better posting here.


Amy and Clark said...

Yes, please post more house pictures! It looks great and I would love to see what you guys have been up to!

Auntie Julie said...

Your little family is soooo beautiful! (I'm so proud to claim you as "mine!") I can't wait to come in a few weeks! (17 days & counting!) :) :) :) :)

jbh said...

you built a house?! did you think you were going to be there long term? i love your kitchen table.