Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addie is 2 today.  

She loves to do whatever her brother does.  She follows him saying, "me too, me too."
She is adventurous and fearless.
Everyday when her nap is over she cries and I go into her room and get her.  Then it takes about five minutes for her wake up fully and open her eyes, during which time she insists on laying on my chest.  Torture I tell ya.
She is very careful to always use complete sentences.
She likes to take Tallulah for walks.  She grabs her by the leash and says, "cummon cheeky".
This fall our house is infested with bugs that smell like cilantro and Addie loves them.  She calls them "gabuggies".
She climbs on everything!
When she get really mad at me she yells "naughty zoe!"
Her face is so cute I could stare at her all day.
She wants to do every thing herself, including snapping her carseat buckle which she is physically not capable of doing at this point, which means every time we get in and out of the car she throws a huge temper tantrum.
She loves to run around in the nude.  
We love her!


Carrie said...

Happy 2nd B-day Addie! What a doll...Love the camping pictures too. Seeing your dogs makes me realize (for the millionth time..) how much we need a dog again...

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to adorable Addie! She will be getting a package in the mail (if/when I make it to the post office!!). I told Audrey she couldn't go to Addie's party and she started to cry. We miss you guys!

Auntie Julie said...

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Addison! Your Auntie Julie loves you very much. Thanks for bringing so much sunshine into my life--I hope and pray that someday we will live a LOT closer!
Love, Auntie Julie

Amy and Clark said...

Two already??? I remember holding her when she was a newborn...I'm sure it couldn't have been two years ago. You must be off on your math.
She sure is adorable, though!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Addie! Can't believe she's already two! Miss you guys . ..