Friday, September 24, 2010

Jim Thorpe

We have been trying to check out all the areas around here so last weekend we went to a little town called Jim Thorpe.  The town was once called Mauch Chunk but they changed the name.   Mauch Chunk is better.  Anyhow the town is tucked away in the Poconos and it is adorable. 

We rode the train.

And we explored the old mansion on a hill.

You can see more pictures of the town here.


Amy and Clark said...

Um, I love this town already. And was Brighton so thrilled to ride the train?
Miss you guys tons, but glad you live close to so many cute towns!

janae said...

Come visit Amy!

Andrea said...

So beautiful! I put a new layout on my blog quite awhile ago and it removed who I was following, so I haven't seen your blog in awhile. Glad I found it again.